Challenges of Engineering Education in India

Engineering Education is no longer confined to chalk and talk classes in a four wall class room and is fast evolving to be more practical oriented with job oriented skills required for better placements of students. The need of the hour for most of the engineering colleges is to adopt to the changing global scenario of competitive skill oriented education with impetus on local needs, in a way, it can be said that the Engineering Education in India needs to become GLOCAL – a synergy between global demands and local needs. For, this to happen, the policy of the government needs to change, with the think tank of the national education policy becoming open minded rather than having a hidden agenda on communal lines.

Education should be kept away from prejudice and the policy on education should be holistic rather than conversationalist. The policy makers for technical education should keep in mind that there are nearly 4000 engineering colleges in the nation producing around 15 lakhs engineering graduates each year with unemployment rate at its peak at 8.2%, which is the highest number since independence.

The contributing factor to joblessness is the failure of the mechanism for creating next generation engineering graduates for jobs in the nation, also the major lacuna lies with the policy mandates for technical education, which are more focused on documentation and inappropriate ranking and accreditation systems which are based on figures and documents rather than evolving a concrete methodology to asses the holistic development of the graduate. Thus, there is a need for the government and all the statutory bodies concerned with the technical education in India to focus on skill development in students for global demands and local needs rather than incorporating the prejudiced agendas in the education.

Prof. Ivan Sunit Rout

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Bangalore – 560074

Published by engcyclopedia

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